Keeping Pets Safe Around the Pool

When choosing to install a pool in the backyard, what many individuals do not consider is how to keep their pets safe from pool-related dangers. In fact, some people do not even know that pools can actually be dangerous for pets. With this said, here are some effective ways to keep your pets safe around the pool.

Fencing and Pool Covers

Probably the most straightforward solution, fencing can stop both animals and small children from accidentally getting too close or falling into the pool. This is especially important if you own an animal that cannot swim due to breed or handicap, as they very well could drown if they end up falling into the pool without supervision. When building a pool fence, you want to be sure to build the fence high enough, so your pet cannot either scale it on its hind-legs or simply jump over it. When calculating the necessary height of the fence, you may also want to consider the chances of a wild animal getting into the pool, as deer are the most common wild animal that surprises pool owners by becoming trapped in their pool. You should also be sure that the fence is made out of sturdy enough material, so it will not fall over if an animal jumps on it or runs into it. Another great option is to purchase a large pool cover to put over the pool. Most high-quality pool covers will make it much more difficult for animals to fall into the water and will even help keep the pool clean. Pool covers also tend to be the more affordable option.

Pool Drinking Safety

As pets use water as their main method of hydration, it is quite possible that your pet may try to drink from your pool. While drinking small amounts of pool water should not harm your animal, drinking large amounts can cause a level of gastrointestinal discomfort to your pets. Sunset Pools & Spas, a company offering inground swimming pools in Chicago, suggests, “In order to discourage your pet from drinking pool water, you should always make sure that your pet has another water source outside.” Another very important thing to remember is that your pool should be clean and have a balanced pH in order to prevent your pet from ingesting any sort of bacteria or harmful levels of chemicals if they do decide to drink from the water.

While there are certainly other ways to keep your pets safe from pool-related danger, these are just some of the more reasonable and effective. With all of this said, one of the easiest ways to keep your animals safe is to supervise them at all times, especially if they are outside near an unsecured pool.