3 Fun Fall Decor DIYs

The end of the long summer months usually brings about cooler weather, which ultimately leads to more time spent indoors. Make the most of your time inside by crafting festive decor that celebrates this chilly, but beautiful time of year! Below are three easy do-it-yourself projects that will turn any home into a festive fall haven!

Fall Leaf Candle Holder

Most homes usually have Mason Jars lying around that go unused for years. Take those jars out of hiding, then find some beautifully colored leaves outside. Arrange the leaves around the outside of the jar and coat them in Mod-Podge craft glue. Don’t worry, the glue goes on white, but dries clear. Sprinkle some glitter on the outside of your jar, or wrap a foot or so of twine around the top, to give your new candle holder some extra flare.

Candy Corn Vase

After finishing a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, wash it out and grab some orange, yellow, and white spray paint. Spray the bottom third of the bottle yellow, the middle section orange, and the rest white for a classic candy corn look. You can also switch your yellow spray paint for brown if you favor the chocolate candy corns over the regular. Let the bottle dry for a few hours, and you’ll have a unique new vase for your fall themed flowers.

Pumpkin Candy Jar

Take a trip to your local hardware/gardening store and pick up a classic ceramic flower pot with a matching ceramic base. Also, be sure to purchase a small wooden drawer knob if you don’t have an extra available at home. Paint the pot and base a classic fall orange, and the knob a rustic brown. If you have some green felt on hand, cut out a few leaf-like shapes. Next, glue the leaves and the drawer knob to the underside of the ceramic base using a hot glue gun. Place the base on top of your pot, and you’ll have a new pumpkin candy jar! Just remember to place some cardboard or construction paper at the bottom of the pot so your candy doesn’t fall through the hole.

The close of summer may initially get you down, but these three easy do-it-yourself crafts will surely cheer you back up, as well as make all spectators look forward to a festive and bright fall season!